15 Twitter Titillations To Totally Thrill You!

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twitter inspiration header image

Here I have 15 Twitter inspiration, designs, products and trinkets to inspire you. No-doubt that Twitter has taken off in a huge way. Because of this, many creatives have taken it upon themselves to create cool stuff based on this mammoth social network. Enjoy…

Twitter Wedding Shoes Blue Bird Toes by Mary Jane Capri

Twitter Wedding Shoes Blue Bird Toes by Mary Jane Capri

“Little birds hand painted on a pair of Royal Satin Peep toe Pumps are my new design for a themed Wedding.
Awesome something blue detail to wear on the most important day and to keepsake forever!
Perfect Pool tone with painted trees,branches and a couple of tiny twitters in love…” – Available over at Norakaren.

Twitter Follow Pillows

Twitter Follow Pillows

“This decorative pillow makes a great gift for the man, woman, boy or girl who has everything. Twitter pillow is 100% handmade out of fleece, and filled with polyester fiberfill. Size: 12×12 inches (30x30cm)” – Available over on Gift Pillows.

Fanciful Twitter Logo Illustration

alt twitter logo image

Credits: Source image here.

Letterpress Twitter Inspired Birthday Card


“Another fun happy birthday card for the Twitter addicts out there. Keep on Tweetin’!” – Available at Kiss and Punch.

KEEP CALM and TWEET On Vintage Dictionary Page Art Print

Twitter Vintage Dictionary Page Art Print

“Antique books and vintage art are a passion for us. We give unwanted antique books, dictionaries and encyclopedias destined to be destroyed, the opportunity to offer an Encore performance. We give them new life as beautiful art prints to be enjoyed for years to come.” – Available over on Encore Prints.

Twitter Parrot

Twitter Parrot photo

Credits: Found Via.

SEE ALSO: How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse.

Twitter Shoe Prints

Twitter Shoe Prints

Credits: Found Via.

Illustration Print

twitter photograph illustration

Mighty Deals Web Banner for Design Soak

Credits: This is available as a print over on Eyepoetryshop.

“I’m Tweeting this” Twitter Themed Pinback Button

Twitten Button

“I’m Tweeting this” in black on a blue and bird background. Each button is handpressed using a Tecre button maker. This means that there are no bumpy edges or bits of mylar sticking out around the edges.” – Availble over at Geek Details.

Funky Cool Twitter Art Illustration

Image of twitter art illustration

Credits: Image source here.

Social Media Addict Decorated Cookies

Twitter Decorated Cookies

“Are you a social media addict? Do you know someone who is glued to their phone or laptop all day? Are you obsessed with Facebook? If so, these cookies are perfect! App icons of all the popular social media sites are a perfect gift and hilarious at a party or office event!” – Available over on Peapods Cookies.

Here’s Twitter on the Xbox 360…

Twitter on Xbox 360 screenshot

Credits: Screenshot via Joystiq.

Twitter Bird toy Amigurumi in Teal Colour

Twitter Bird figure

“Tweet! Tweet! Spring has this little bird chirping away! At 3″ tall this little birdie can go with you anywhere! Hand crocheted with care in a beautiful spring teal blue” – Available over at Carriage House Friends.

Social Media Propaganda Poster (Limited Edition)

Twitter Propaganda Poster (Limited Edition)

“All the social media propaganda posters collected into one poster! Limited Edition replaces the Google+ Victory poster with a different version.” – Available over at Justonescarf Design.

Twitter Inspiration – Addicted to Twitter?

twitter addiction packet in blue

I love the message on the side of this ‘mock cigarette packet’: Surgeon General – Prolonged Twittering may lead to an increased risk for developing internet celebrity disorder & compulsive viewing of lolcats! Image source and Copyright © Carrotcreative.

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