Twitter Posters

Twitter poster

Hot on the heels from the previous post Social Media Campaign Posters, here are a set of twitter posters for you. Yes, they’re unsurprisingly dominated by the colour blue—and very imaginative. Enjoy! / Above: Twitter Plane Poster by

A little less conversation

Above: “A little less conversation” poster [link].

Twitter Propaganda Poster

Above: Twitter Propaganda Campaign Poster Version 1 [copyright © Justonescarf Link].

Twitter Propaganda Poster

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Above: Twitter Propaganda Poster Version 2 [copyright © Justonescarf Link].

Blue Poster Design

Above: Facebook Propaganda Poster Version 2 [copyright © Justonescarf Link].

Retro Twitter poster

Above: Retro Twitter poster [cropped] for Maximidia (Advertising Agency: Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Like Poster Design?

If you liked this set of posters, then why not take a peek at Poster Design Inspiration by Marius Roosendaal.

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