Twitter Cake, FaceBook Cake, Instagram Cake?

These delicious-looking delights, including a Twitter Cake are featured on YouTube channel, How To Cook. Baked by Ann Reardon (who literally bakes the cakes) can teach you how to make one. She goes through what needs to be done step-by-step to create one yourself! Ann has also made a Facebook Cake and an Instagram Cake, too.

If you make the Twitter Cake, just don’t Tweet it all at once

Twitter Cake Slice

Image of a Twitter Cake cut at one end

Twitter Logo Cutter

This is a the Twitter Cake mold used

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Instagram Cake Sliced

Instagram cake designed in sponge

Facebook Cake

FaceBook Cake sliced

Closeup of Sweet Twitter Delight!

Slice of Twitter Cake

Watch the Video:

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