Abandoned TV’s

These abandoned TV pics were taken by Alex Beker, a graphic designer, art director and photographer born in Argentina. He authors the site, Things I Saw Today, which showcased more of his fantastic photographic work.

Mr T on Vintage Television set

Above: Mr. T.

old tv

Above: 86.

Abandoned Televisions triggers emotions arising from our memories of popular TV culture. Street photography captures television sets left for dead because they are old, broken or soon to be replaced by more modern technology. They are resuscitated by incorporating a visual moment from a show broadcast when that television set was alive.

Suddenly, a discarded black box dying on a sidewalk comes back to life, and so do we – to our past life. In an instant, we identify the show, its characters and maybe even a particular episode, and we are rejuvenated by the memory [read more].

Chips on Television

Above: Chips.

Curly on vintage tv

Above: Curly.

tv pics fantasy island image

Above: Fantasy Island.

Mork and Mindy TV SHow

Above: Mork and Mindy.

Muppets on TV

Above: Muppets on TV.

The Persuaders

Above: The Persuaders.

Credits: Copyright © and source: Things I Saw Today [Via]

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