Tree Art by Julie Dodd

Logging segments

These unique tree art ‘sculptures’ were created by talented creative, Julie Dodd. She has used a style of paper art to construct tree-segment representations, expertly forming the inner growth rings. The reason for this work (which currently reside in the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York) is quite clear in the title: Statement – Illegal Logging…

Logs made from newspaper

Julie explains: Our ancient trees are disappearing rapidly and are greatly under threat from Illegal Logging. Deforestation means more carbon dioxide released into the air, which adds to our problem of Climate Change. But this isn’t the only problem it’s causing, it funds other criminal activities [read more].

Tree rings made of paper

Credits: All images shown in this tree art set are Copyright © Julie Dodd. Check out her porfolio for more of her intriguing works.




Superbly Sculptured Bonsai Trees and Miniatures

These wonderful little creations were created by Japanese artist, Takanori Aiba, who builds miniature trees and other constructions onto platforms, rocks and other media. They are made form a variety of materials, including stone clay, paper, acrylic resin, steel wire and other recycled packaging [SEE THE REST HERE].

Bonsai Tree image