Transport for London Posters that Morphs 3D Type with Trains

Transport for London Posters image

This visually-stunning set of posters was created by designer and illustrator, Chris LaBrooy. Designed in conjunction with M&C Saatchi in London, the purpose of these posters is to convey upcoming travel fare charges on the London rail, tube and bus networks.

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I just love the way that the 3D typography blends right into the vehicles, which is the whole point of the designs in the first place. Wouldn’t it be cool if actual working models of these travelled around the city, though?

Gallery: Transport for London Posters

2014 3D typogrpahy

Train fares 3D text

2014 Poster

Train Arrives Poster

I was commissioned by Transport for London to create a poster illustration for their new fares campaign. The poster features all of the various transport services on the network manipulated into dimensional typography. This was created with M&C Saatchi in London. Art direction by Will Bates, project management Laura Pearson and agent Debut art London.

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