Translucent, Trendy and Transparent Chairs

transparent chair image

These stunning chairs were expertly made by the designers at The majority of these ‘ghost chairs’ are translucent, and when someone sits on them, there’s an illusion of a semi transparent chair. The example shown below has a bronze colour, and is different from the rest, but they are all made from 4mm polyester sheets and each one is a one-off.

Brown translucent chair

These fabulous Ghost Chairs are a limited edition of 99 pieces of each style, are made upon request, and can be customised in any colour. The Ghost of a Chair is a sculptural free-form furniture piece, handmade out of a single 4mm transparent polyester sheet. Each chair is unique due to its unconventional manufacturing process, using a combination of high-end technology and craft, in a labour of love. Volatile and unpredictable, each Ghost chair is a One-off.

The Ghost of a Chair embodies signature aesthetics with its originality and functionality in a statement furniture piece. Its transparency enables the chair to exist in any environment [read more].

transparent plastic chair image

Credits: All images shown in this set are Copyright © Head over to their site for more of their fantastic products.

perspex chair

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►► The Astonishing Animal Chairs of Maximo Riera

These astonishing chairs were created by Spanish designer, Maximo Riera, who has made sure that the represented animals look realistic and life-like. Reira has created chairs that are based on a rhino, octopus and walrus, but he also has some more coming out soon. These include a lion, beetle and even a whale [SEE MORE].

Rhino 1

►► Chair Made From 80 Metres of Rope

The Ropey Chair by Jon Fraser is made from 80 metres of rope soaked in polyurethane resin. It looks great; here are some sketches and [ READ MORE ].

Rope Chair

►►Chair that Springs to life

I thought this “Jack Chair” was quite a good concept:

French product designer Arthur Bodolec has created ‘jack’, a stool that can be brought to ‘life’ through a simple touch. imagining a world where objects can be woken up, given life and take form to express themselves, ‘jack’ is the first in a series of designs that transforms from an inert stool to a full functioning chair. [READ MORE ].

jack chair that springs to life