Top 17 Secret Compartments

Here’s a set of 17 Secret Compartments, which are hidden in cars, houses, books and even coins. I think most people (including myself) have a fascination with secret compartments, hidden doorways and such-like. Here are the rest if the images. Enjoy…

Secret Compartments

Hidden Stairway Compartment Drawers

Staircase Compartment

Above: Hidden Staircase Compartment [link].

Hidden Sunken Driveway

Hidden Secret Garage in Garden

Above: Hidden Secret Garage in Garden [link]

Hollow Coins

Secret Compartment Hidden in Coin

Above: Secret Compartment Hidden in Coin [link]

Secret Space Under Stairs

Secret Space Under Home Stairway

Above: Secret Space Under Home Stairway [link]

Secret Watch Compartment

Secret Compartment Wrist Watch

Above: Secret Compartment Wrist Watch [link]

The Classic Hollow Book Compartment

Secret Compartment Hidden in Book image

Above: Secret Compartment Hidden in Book [link]

…and one for an iPad:

Secret iPad Book Case

Above: Secret iPad Book Case [How to make one of these: © link]

Truck Compartment

Dodge Ram fishing rod rifle lockable compartment

Above: Dodge Ram lockable compartment for fishing rod or rifle [link]

Secret Room

Secret Room

Above: Well, this is more of a room than a compartment, but it’s still secret! [link]. For a very popular list of secret rooms, visit Top 10 Secret Doorways.

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Surprise Ring Compartment in Book

Secret Compartment Ring in Book

Above: Secret Compartment Ring in Book [link]

Hidden Window Garage

Hidden Garage Door

Above: Hidden Garage behind house window panes [link]

Wall Socket Lockable Safe

Wall Socket Lockable Safe Compartment

Above: Wall Socket Lockable Safe Compartment. I’ve no idea why anyone would keep a toothbrush in it, though? Please let me know if you know where these are sold so I attribute credit.

Red Bull Drinks Can

Red Bull Secret Compartment

Above: Red Bull Secret screw-off lid Compartment [link]. Like Red Bull? Why not take a look at Slow Cow.

Secret Shoe Compartments

Secret Hiding Compartment Trainer or Sneakers

Above: Secret Hiding Compartments for Sandals and Sneakers  (Trainers) [link]

Wall Clock Safe

Wall Clock Safe Compartment

Above: Wall Clock Safe Compartment. Please let me know if you know where these are sold so I attribute credit.

Keys in Garden Rock

Secret Hiding Compartment Hole in Fake Rock
Above: Secret Hiding Compartment Hole in Fake Rock. I don’t know if it will fool burglars, but it’s worth a try. [link]

Secret Motorhome Garage

Secret Garage Hidden in Motorhome

Above: Secret Garage Hidden in Motorhome. As can be seen, a car can fit in there. [link]

All images are believed to be the © copyright of their respective holders, which are linked after each image.

Top 10 Secret Doorways

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6 thoughts on “Top 17 Secret Compartments”

  1. Billy

    We use the fake rock…

  2. Jason Gadgets

    I love the car that comes out of the ground like the batmobile or something!

  3. brooksie

    The coin one is cool but id probably accidentally spend it

  4. Hank

    These are cool. I have one that looks like a tin of bean. It has water weights in it as well which makes it feel the sme as a normal tin. I also have a cigeratte that unnscrews to hold pills.

  5. Beijingdreams

    I think I’d point the rifles in the other direction, myself. A misfire might go right through the drivers seat. :p