Top 10 Joysticks from Past and Present

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keyboard joystick

Can you remember back-in-the-day when you used a Joystick with a games console? I know I can. They came in various shapes, sizes and colours and many different styles were weird, wacky and cool and trialled by manufacturers. Here are a few images of old and modern zany and unique joysticks for your viewing pleasure:

Speedlink Joystick

Speedlink Golden 25 Year Anniversary Edition Joystick [image source / © copyright link]

arcade joystick

One Player Button, 8 way joy stick [image source / © copyright link]

Original RA XY Joystick controller

Original R.A. XY Joy Stick controller for Moog modular systems [image source / © copyright link]

mindscape powerplayer

The Mindscape PowerPlayer [image source / © copyright link]

Home made Commodore 64 joystick

Home made Commodore 64 joy-stick [image source / © copyright link]

Streetfighter joystick

Streetfighter Joy-stick [image source / B@kashi © copyright link]

iCade iPad

iCade iPad Arcade case with Joy stick [image source / Firebox / © copyright link]

Tandy Joystic

Tandy Deluxe Joystick [image source / © copyright link]

Star Wars Darth Vader Joystick

Star Wars Darth Vader Joystick [image source / © copyright link]

More information:

Top Image: Keyboard Joystick [image source / © copyright link]

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