Top 10 Freaky Macro Bugs

Demoiselle damselfly

I love these Top 10 Freaky Macro Bugs by Robert Seber, Enjoy! (Demoiselle damselfly shown above).

Green spider eating lunch

Above: Green spider eating lunch

Hawker dragonfly in flight

Above: Hawker dragonfly in flight

Black Beetle image

Above: Black Beetle

Hoverfly on oven gloves

Above: Hoverfly on oven gloves

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Lacewing image

Above: Lacewing

Red damselfly

Above: Red damselfly

Red eye fly

Above: Red eye fly

Scorpion fly

Above: Scorpion fly

Yellowjacket Wasp

Above: Yellowjacket Wasp. All images copyright © Robert Seber.


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The Astounding Mechanical Bugs of Edouard Martinet

These astounding Mechanical Bugs were designed and constructed by French sculptor, Edouard Martinet. He uses varied old parts from machinery to create these wonderful little marvels. Most of the images I’ve featured here are Edouard’s bugs, but he’s also made frogs, fish and other life forms, too [CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THIS SET].

ladybug robot