Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Images of Jellyfish

Check out these stunning jellyfish images that show them in different types of colours and shapes. I can remember seeing some lit-up in ultra-violet once, and have been interested in them every since.

Cosmic Jellyfish image

My favourite image shown here is Cosmic Jellyfish by Darvin Atkeson. He states: “This is one of many of the types of Jellyfish they have at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and one of my favorite ones. It was about the size of your hand and moved quite quickly. It was in a cylinder aquarium which made photographing somewhat difficult. I had to keep the lens of the camera right up against the plexiglass and hope one would swim by far enough away to be in good focus. Note the detail in the dots on this Jellyfish [read more].

Jellyfish by Sara Boyer

Blue Jellyfish

Jellyfish at Academy of Sciences by Todd Fong

Orange Jelly fish

Jellyfish by huggins

Jelly fish photograph

Jellyfish by Arthur S

Red Jellyfish

Jellyfish Bloom by Leigh Dunne

Jelly swarm

Würfelqualle / Box Jellyfish by Sebastian Gerhard

Violet jellyfish

Golden Jellyfish by Florian Wizorek

small Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish by Oleg Milyutin

Blue Jellyfish image

Jellyfish by Matthew Short

Yellow Jellyfish

Credits: All images of jellyfish shown are © Copyright of Authors from pages linked on each photo used.

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