Toilet Roll Art by Anastassia Elias

toilet roll artwork

This unique Toilet Roll Art was created by talented creative, Anastassia Elias. Her creative fields include publishing, painting and illustration. I think this work in particular is quite amazing, and I haven’t seen anything like it before. Have you?

 Toilet Roll Art Gallery (below)

dancing in tube

toilet rolls

animals in toilet tube

Boxing figures in toilet tube

toilet tube football

toilet tube tree

toilet tube figures

toilet tubes photo

toilet tube class

toilet tube kids

Credits: All images are copyright © Anastassia Elias. Please check out her portfolio for more inspiring and unique work. Also, see her site over at

toilet roll art on t-shirt and laptop

These paper roll images are available as prints, T-Shirts, Mac & PC Laptop Skins on Society6 (Not an affiliate link).

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