Tape Art at Melbourne Federation Square

Tape Art at Melbourne Federation Square 13. These images show the construction of an amazing outdoor sticky tape sculpture.

Tape Art at Melbourne Federation Square image

The image above shows what the tape art sculpture looked like near completion. The images below show a very small selection of images of its construction.

Tape Art Sculpture Gallery

Tape Art construction

The work was specially commissioned by Melbourne’s main civic centre and cultural district Federation Square as a part of their Creative Program focussing on experimental large-scale public art and its social and communal relevance. The full 16 meters stretch of the Fed Square’s Western Terrace is the greatest span traversed by a Tape Installation thus far. The structure had to be constructed with the help of special platforms as it projects from the external walls of the Fed Square’s SBS building at the height of 6 meters above ground [read more].

tape sculpting

Tape structure

Using sticky tape to make a sculpture

Sticky Tape Artwork

Sellotape Art

Credits: Found via Theinspiration.com. Original images galleries for this post, as well as the source for image copyrights ©, please visit Numen.eu to see the rest of this wonderful project.

Man on Tape Art Sculpture

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