The Best Wedding Invitation Ever?

Girls on best wedding invitation

Is this the best Wedding Invitation ever? Just maybe! I just found this ‘online invitation’ and just had to share this inspiration with you all. Basically, the wedding invite is an online story about how two people met. You read their story and scroll your way to the base of the page. If you were invited to the wedding, you would then enter your password to confirm attendance to the ‘off-line’ event. I think it’s a really original concept, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. You can visit the Jessandruss website to view the whole invitation. Below, I’ve included a few highlights from the site…

Do Crafts with Scott Bedford

Do Crafts website

Do you do crafts? Well, recently I discovered this quite unique site I thought may interest you— Not only does it have a stunning, quirky design, the whole site is pure eye candy and is a Webby Award winner.

Scott Bedford, the creative designer who runs the site has showcased many articles that show you how to use simple crafts. He shows you how to make robots, toast towers and even a ‘snail soup’ hidden compartment!