Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Rukkit Kuanhawate

This stunning artwork was created by Thai illustrator, Rukkit Kuanhawate, who received his degree in Art Education from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He’s interested in print design, illustration, graphic design, typography and music graphics. Rukkit is also part of ‘B.O.R.E.D crew’, a very active team of young Thai graphic designers, too.

★ Here’s a set of 12 questions I asked Andrew about his work, including his Top 3 design tips at the end. There’s a selection of his work scattered throughout this article for you to view. Here goes…

Dragon-Zcape-III by Rukkit Kuanhawate

1. Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself. What motivates you?

Hi I’m Graphic Designer become Street Artist since 2012 Spray, Colors, Animal, Toy and everything is my motive.

Surface-Wall-x-DOB-1 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

Surface-Wall-x-DOB-2 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

Tiger-Wall-2013-2 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

2. When did you first start illustrating? Where did it all begin?

I start work street art since 2012 at BACC (Bangkok Art & Culture Centre) Group wall paint call “FOR” be persuaded by P7(Thai street Artist).

Cheeze-street-art by Rukkit Kuanhawate

3. How did you ‘find your own style’? Have you always used the same illustration methods?

My work and style come from the solution. I do not want to cut a stencil blog frequently, thus creating a…


Symmetry Video Shows Reflections of Living

Symmetry is a unique video from Everynone, which seems to explore the simple relationships between two “mirrored events” in everyday life. It’s quite hard to articulate, so watch the short movie to see what it’s all about. It won the Vimeo best video award last year, but it’s still a great watch even now! I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see…

Watch the Video Below:

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Here is a gallery of screenshots from the above movie, showing the types of ‘reflections’ and comparisons the video makers’ created:

Heart and Brain

Heart and Brain


Amusement Parks of Ruin by Francesco Mugnai

These alluring images of abandoned and ruined amusement parks were expertly photographed by Francesco Mugnai. It’s great to see how the shear force of nature reclaims the old rusting and decaying structures of roller coaster tracks, slides and yes, clowns. See the rest of the images below…

Amusement Parks of Ruin Gallery

Amusement Park slides

Amusement Park horses

Amusement Park image

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Eerie Photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna photography

This eerie photography selection is by English photographer, Michael Kenna, who currently resides in Washington, USA. I think his varied work is fantastic, and reminds me very much of the work ofJim Kazanjian. The gallery below shows a variety of his work, from images of Easter Island to statues in China. Enjoy…

Real Lego Bridge

Here’s a ‘real’ Lego Bridge. German design studio Megx painted an urban concrete bridge to look like Lego. Well, most people like the plastic stuff and would love to see it stacked overhead on their daily commute…I assume. As you’ll be able to see in the gallery below, Megx studio managed to paint the Lego bricks onto the concrete beams using a cherry-picker and a lot of artistic stamina! Let’s just hope kids don’t try and climb up to get at the ‘bricks’…

Real Lego Bridge Gallery

Real Lego Bridge

Sensational Pictures of Street Art by Nomerz

red house

Wow! These caught my attention recently. The pictures of street art shown here were expertly created by Russian graffiti artist, Nomerz. He uses spray paint and other media to remodel old dilapidated buildings, walls and other structures in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Check out the rest of the gallery below…

Carpark Drenched in Color

Kindergarten Carpark image

Visual designers Craig and Karl have have painted a carpark in dazzling color as part of a creative Mural. It was created for the underground car park of a private residence in the city of Sydney, Australia. My first thoughts on these images was “Wow!, it’s like a Kindergarten Car Park”, but it’s much more than that. Drenched in color, this is simply amazing! They’ve managed to transform something mundane and grey into an attractive place to park.