Pencil Art

Pencil Art image

These funky pencil art photos were produced by Bisy Backson, a creative from Amsterdam. I love original work such as this, and its good to escape the amount of digital and Photoshop work out there…

Salami Notes

I just came across these and thought they were pretty cool! I have a stack of various sticky notes of differing shapes and sizes next to my computer, so I know how useful they are. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll see how uniquely-useful these would be─and they’re totally different from your ‘standard’ post-it note! The Salami Notes (in stacks of 1000) can be purchased here.

Salami Notes

Janice Wright Cheney’s Animal Sculptures

Animal Sculptures - Close Up of Walking Bear's Head

This sculpture was made by Canadian artist, Janice Wright Cheney. It is titled WIDOW. She made two of these bears. One of them is in the largest of contemporary Canadian art show ever produced outside of Canada: MASS MoCA’s Oh, Canada. The bears were created using taxidermy forms. They are covered with velvet and roses which were hand-felted and dyed. WIDOW is one of several animal sculptures Wright Cheney has created during her career.

The Best Wedding Invitation Ever?

Girls on best wedding invitation

Is this the best Wedding Invitation ever? Just maybe! I just found this ‘online invitation’ and just had to share this inspiration with you all. Basically, the wedding invite is an online story about how two people met. You read their story and scroll your way to the base of the page. If you were invited to the wedding, you would then enter your password to confirm attendance to the ‘off-line’ event. I think it’s a really original concept, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. You can visit the Jessandruss website to view the whole invitation. Below, I’ve included a few highlights from the site…

Instaglasses Concept by Markus Gerke

Instaglasses concept

I think this “Instaglasses Concept” is quite amazing:

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses. You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters… [read the rest].

Interesting Cardboard T-Shirt Folder

Cardboard tshirt folder image 1

I think this so-called “Fool-proof” cardboard T-Shirt folder is quite cool: “There was once a point in our lives when we wouldn’t have needed T-Shirt Folders, maybe you’ve lived in relative harmony and made it this far without realising you need one. But think about it – you only get one life; one life to have fun, one life to listen to music… [read more].

Resin Deer Head Sculpture Art

Resin Deer Head in pink

These weirdly-unique “Faux deer/Stag taxidermy” wall mounts are trendy pieces of sculpture art. They were created by WhiteFauxTaxidermy, who sell these over on their online store. I really like the one above showing pink antlers with a white head, although I don’t think I’d have one on my wall lest it poke my eyes out! They look really cool, though. Check out the gold near the end of the post…