Top 10 Gym Tank Tops with Sayings – Unisex Designs Now Available to Buy!

Check out these 10 selected gym tank tops with sayings. All of these designs are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and are available for both men and women, too! See the gym-wear below…

Cardio Sucks Gym Quote Gym Wear

Cardio Sucks Gym Quote Gym Wear image

The image shown above is of a ‘Cardio Sucks’ Gym Quote Gym Tanktop, which like all the designs shown here, are unisex – available for both men and woman.

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Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod

This project kind of reminds me of the ‘Freaky Human Typeface‘ that was featured previously here on Design Soak. Designer David McLeod, in this case, has created a visually-stunning set of typographic ampersands that are shrouded in realistic-looking fur. He entitled the set ‘Amfursands’. Get it?

black and white fur type image

Karoline Tynes Designs 60 Original Logos in 60 Days

Here is a selection of original logo designs by Norwegian graphic designer, Karoline Tynes, who states: ‘Here’s some of the logos I made during my 60 days of logos-challenge. My goal for this challenge was to develop and promote myself as a designer. The rules were to use a maximum of 60 minutes on each logo, so it’s the idea that counts.’ As a logo designer myself, I can appreciate how much work goes into a logo design. If you take into account the actual formation of the idea, to colour choices, graphic style and typographic choice, I think Tynes has produced some excellent work in little 60-minute slots! I love the ‘Little Knits’ logo — what’s your favourite?

By the way – here’s a rare promo on my part – if you’re in need of a church logotype, please complete my Church Logo Design form (external link). Thanks!

Gallery // Extracts from 60 Original Logos in 60 Days Challenge:

Bunny typography

Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Martin Schmetzer

sketch on white paper

This stunning typographic illustrative work was created by Stockholm based illustrator, Martin Schmetzer. His main focus is on hand-drawn typography ‘with a high level of detail and diligence’. As you’ll see in the work below, Martin hand-draws extremely details lettering and imagery, then often uses vector art to aid the final designs. Check out the rest of a small selection of his work below, along with his answers to 12 questions. Enjoy…

1. Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself. What motivates you?

I´m a 29 year old Stockholm based illustrator who specializes in typographic logotypes with an emphasis on ornamentation and detailed flourishes. I like the interaction hand drawn typography can have to the meaning of a word and how the letters next to each other plays together and shapes a integrality.

white text on brown background

2. When did you first start illustrating? Where did it all begin?

I have enjoyed drawing for as long as I can remember but my interested for letters came trough graffiti around 95. Graffiti was a great way for me to experiment with the the alfabet. You don´t have to follow any guides or rules and may twist and bend the letters into something own. As a graffiti writer I early discovered a interest for symmetry, something that follows me til this day in my hand drawn typography and logotypes.

Martin Schmetzer type

3. How did you ‘find your own style’? Have you always used the same illustration methods?

I believe it has evolved through my tags and pieces. My style range from a vintage, 1900’s-era feel to a full-blown contemporary street temperament.

Martin Schmetzer poster

4. Tell us about your creative process. How do you work?

The sketching process is most valuable to me. I always start pen on paper before turning to the computer. For me the computer is a fantastic finalizing tool but it also limits my shapes and composition if I don´t start by hand first where I can go the whole hog.


Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Rukkit Kuanhawate

This stunning artwork was created by Thai illustrator, Rukkit Kuanhawate, who received his degree in Art Education from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He’s interested in print design, illustration, graphic design, typography and music graphics. Rukkit is also part of ‘B.O.R.E.D crew’, a very active team of young Thai graphic designers, too.

★ Here’s a set of 12 questions I asked Andrew about his work, including his Top 3 design tips at the end. There’s a selection of his work scattered throughout this article for you to view. Here goes…

Dragon-Zcape-III by Rukkit Kuanhawate

1. Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself. What motivates you?

Hi I’m Graphic Designer become Street Artist since 2012 Spray, Colors, Animal, Toy and everything is my motive.

Surface-Wall-x-DOB-1 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

Surface-Wall-x-DOB-2 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

Tiger-Wall-2013-2 by Rukkit Kuanhawate

2. When did you first start illustrating? Where did it all begin?

I start work street art since 2012 at BACC (Bangkok Art & Culture Centre) Group wall paint call “FOR” be persuaded by P7(Thai street Artist).

Cheeze-street-art by Rukkit Kuanhawate

3. How did you ‘find your own style’? Have you always used the same illustration methods?

My work and style come from the solution. I do not want to cut a stencil blog frequently, thus creating a…


Freaky Human Typeface by JC Debroize

This is the typeface design padded out with human flesh

French digital artist, JC Debroize, has created these freaky-looking set of typographic letters that imitate human faces. The “Human Typeface” spells out ‘Kerozen’ (above), which is the name of JC’s design studio.

See Also: First Ever Photograph of a Human.

I think these letters are simply stunning, and it must have taken JC a long time to get right! Each typographic character features a prominent eyeball, along with hair, wrinkles and even expertly-crafted stubble! Also, check out the additional project of JC that I featured at the end of the post: Cockroach Morning…

The letter C with an eyeball at the base

Flesh surrounding a free D letter are with hair


Transport for London Posters that Morphs 3D Type with Trains

Transport for London Posters image

This visually-stunning set of posters was created by designer and illustrator, Chris LaBrooy. Designed in conjunction with M&C Saatchi in London, the purpose of these posters is to convey upcoming travel fare charges on the London rail, tube and bus networks.

SEE ALSO: London Underground Tube Tent.

I just love the way that the 3D typography blends right into the vehicles, which is the whole point of the designs in the first place. Wouldn’t it be cool if actual working models of these travelled around the city, though?

Gallery: Transport for London Posters

2014 3D typogrpahy

Train fares 3D text


Atype Paper Art by Lobulo Design

If you’ve been following this blog for any length if time, I’m sure you’ll know that I love paper art. So much so, I even have a whole site dedicated to it aptly named Paper Art Love! Here’s a set of fantastic letter “A’s” from a project entitled Atype by Lobulo Design. See the animation Gif below and then the rest. Enjoy…

A letter animation

Purple Letter

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