iPhone Diorama

iPhone Diorama is a stunningly-creative short video by Mike Ko, a student from California, Los Angeles. When I say short, I mean short, so be sure to watch the video after the screenshots. What’s it about? Well, in a nut-shell, pink and green houses pop up out of an iPhone and cars ride down the road. It sounds simple, but it took Mike three months to complete. It’s intricate, well-executed and visually quite amazing. It has a great soundtrack, too…

iphone diorama screenshot

Cutting-Edge Audi OLED Car

I don’t feature cars that much here on Design Soak, but this car is well worth a mention. It’s not just because this Audi is a nice car, but because its lights are actually part of the bodywork. They are made of OLED technology, which means that any cool-looking light configuration is possible, and covers the entire length of the vehicle. Watch the video straight after to screenshots below to see what I mean…

Audi OLED Technology car lights

iPhone 5 Infographic: Who’s going to Upgrade?

iphone five infographic header image

Here’s an interesting iPhone 5 Infographic that asks the question: “Who’s most likely to Upgrade?”. You’ll discover some solid facts, such as what percentage of iPhone owners have jail-broken their handsets. Other subjects cover installed apps, daily usage, battery life and a better phone camera.

I especially like the wording of the final question: Who’s more susceptible to be iPhone 5’ed?