Dalton Ghetti Pencil Sculptures

These stunning Pencil Sculptures are by artist Dalton Ghetti. As I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re simply amazing. As can be seen in the image below, Dalton sculpts the pencil graphite to create miniature sculptures on heads of pencils. My personal favourite is the one above, where a heart has been carved from the pencil wood itself. He sure must have a steady hand to complete such works. Here are some more examples…

Dalton Ghetti pencil 2

Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

Luna Pencil Sculpture

Here are some wonderful pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre. As can be seen, the artworks are made entirely from coloured pencil-ends. I really love the “Luna Pencil Sculpture” shown above. Here are some more:

Soft Art Exhibition by Ernesto Neto

Soft Art Igloo image

This soft art that is part of a weirdly strange-looking exhibition was created by designer, Ernesto Neto. I especially like the goo-like pink giant cushion the people are laid on in the image below. Most art is viewed, but this exhibition is to be explored and discovered by whoever ventures inside. Brilliant…