Rainbow Food Photographs by Henry Hargreaves

These stark and colourful rainbow food photographs was taken by talented photographer, Henry Hargreaves. The food shown here gives me a mixture of feelings—yeah, I’d eat the icecream and the pancakes maybe, but not the burger! These are not ‘food as such’ anyway, as they were prepared by Lisa Edsalv to be used as props in photo shoots. I once ate rainbow cake, but that’s another story…

rainbow burger

Threaded Art by Gabriel Dawe

threaded art 1

These stunning threaded art installations were created by the talented Gabriel Dawe. He uses coloured threads to ‘build’ clever artistic sculptures that are inspiring quite unique. They remind me a little of the outdoor sculptures of Melbourne Federation Square. Using threads that span the entire rainbow spectrum, these pieces look different depending on how light shines on them and the angle they are viewed from. Simply amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree. Check out the rest of the set…

Clever Car Atlas Rainbow

Car Atlas Rainbow image1

These clever car atlas rainbow photos are by artist David T.Waller. He used 2500 toy cars to create this stunning circular rainbow. They are arranged by colour to form a really clever piece of art. I don’t know where all the cars came from, but someone’s had quite a collection going on!