Paper Cutting Art by Mikito Ozeki [VIDEO]

Creative Mikito Ozeki gets to work creating paper cutting art with a large sheet of black card—with stunning results. Watch as he cuts out shapes with seemingly, no guide lines to aid his paper art. He certainly is a talenty guy. See the video after the screenshots below…

Paper Cutting art by Mikito Ozeki image 1

Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble! This advertising project is called “A Superhero in Every Aisle” created bu talented designer, Guy Seese. They were produced as part of a campaign for the US store, Target. I love the way that you can see more detail and different toys every time you see the designs. My favourite is the Iron Man head which is made with pencils and Lego, amongst chocolate bars. I also think the green Hulk hands are pretty neat, too…

Hulk hands

Social Network Graphics

Social Network Graphics image

These Social Network Graphics were created for the New York Magazine by Studio8design, an independent graphic design studio “with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions.” It was set up by Matt Willey and Zoë Bather in 2005. This is what they wrote about this intriguing design:

Creative Poster Designs: Grow with a Purpose

Unique Creative Poster Designs for a 401K plan company named Fidelity.

Creative Poster Designs image

The poster series was designed by the Miami Ad School, Miami, USA. I think they’re quite original, and display simple, effective typography with quirky imagery. My favourite is the poster of the man with the large glasses “Envision a big future while you can”. Other strap-lines include “Have Things That Grow with a Purpose”. Enjoy…

Japanimals and Monster Friends

These great Japanimals and Monster illustrations are available from Family Tree Design.

Japanimals illustration image
The “Fauna Friends – Japanimals” prints are the newest set in a collaborative poster series. There are 4 posters in the set, which feature work from Alex Pearson, Julian Baker, Scott MacDonald and Andy Young. These are for sale over Posters are 2 color screen prints on heavy-duty 100lb French Red Hot Pop-Tone paper.

I think these posters are great! In a world when many poster designs are little more than Photoshop “explosions”, these works are concept-driven with great effect and appeal.