25+ of the Best Man Caves Ever Imagined!

Man Cave Idea - a batcave

Ah, the ‘Man Cave’, a place where men can sit down and relax. A place to get away from some of the many hassles of life and enjoy a movie or game of pool. In this selection of man-caves, there’s a range of styles to see, from Batman and Star Trek-themed basements to posh elegant-looking secret rooms. I’m sure that the wives’ regularly use these rooms, too! Check them all out below… [above image via]

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Gallery // Man Caves

man-cave for star wars


dream mancave image

13 Unusual Pool Tables

unusual pool tables

Here are some very unusual pool tables for you to take a peek at. I bet you’ve played on one before, right? It may well have been a boring green-clothed and wooden construction with little appeal. In response to this, some clever designers have created everything from crystal-glass tops to Ford Mustang enclosures. I hope you enjoy the pics….