Decaying Food Art by Klaus Pichler

This unusual decaying food art was created by photographer, Klaus Pichler. Based in Vienna, Klaus has on been working on a set of images entitled ‘One Third‘, which is a collection of varied food (even the octopus below) shown in different stages of decay. I really like the octopus image, as the outside looks like some some of green plastic bag or something. My favourite, though, is the colourful ice cream photo near the end of the post…

Decaying Octopus image

Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Images of Jellyfish

Check out these stunning jellyfish images that show them in different types of colours and shapes. I can remember seeing some lit-up in ultra-violet once, and have been interested in them every since.

Cosmic Jellyfish image

My favourite image shown here is Cosmic Jellyfish by Darvin Atkeson. He states: “This is one of many of the types of Jellyfish they have at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and one of my favorite ones. It was about the size of your hand and moved quite quickly. It was in a cylinder aquarium which made photographing somewhat difficult. I had to keep the lens of the camera right up against the plexiglass and hope one would swim by far enough away to be in good focus. Note the detail in the dots on this Jellyfish [read more].

Silhouette Art by Nacho Ormaechea

Silhouette Art Photo

This silhouette art by Spanish designer Nacho Ormaechea is pretty unique. The images display peoples’ thoughts, desires or memories─or so they appear. They are compositions of photography produced, presumably, in Photoshop. I think they’re quite inspiring, and remind me of some work I featured here on Design Soak before: Past War and Present Peace in Berlin, Moscow and Normandy. I hope you enjoy them…

Crooked Forest

crooked forest

This crooked forest is located in western Poland. There is a small forest where about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend right at the base of the tree truck, and all bend towards the north for some reason.

The trees in the crooked forest were planted in 1930, and were ‘held down’ by farmers in the first 10 years of growth (for some unknown reason). I think they look weird, but great. I suppose they’d make fantastic benches…

Eerie Photography in the Woods

Pirate Ship in Woods

This eerie photography taken in woodland is entitled “And Then…”. It is taken from the great project between designer Nicola Yeoman and photographer Jo Metson Scott. I think the series of photographs are fantastic, and lured me in the first time I saw them. My favourite is the pirate ship above, but I love the one at the end of this post, too…

Astonishing and Impressive Split Portraits

Split Portraits

Check out these astonishing split portraits by graphic artist and photographer, Ulric Collette. The show a vivid comparison of 2 family relatives side-by-side in the same images. There are combinations of mother and daughter, father and son, and so-on. I think they’re totally astonishing. What do you think?