…When You Leave a Pen in a Tumble Dryer

I haven’t posted to Design Soak for a while due to a heavy workload, but I plan to start posting more. To kick things off, here’s a pen of mine that accidentally went through the tumble drier. Down-right weird, eh? Maybe one day, it’ll be a piece of art

...When You Leave a Pen in a Tumble Dryer

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Intricately Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection by MIKE

Colour sketch is on white paper with pens and ink

I just love to see other designers and illustrators sketches in their notebooks, don’t you? These excellently intricate and skilfully-illustrated logos and icons were created by a talented creative just named “MIKE” (apparently!).

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He’s a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience, who loves the Internet and sees its potential to drive his business and aspirations. See more of his creative work below…