20+ Awesome Business Card Designs

A while ago, I designed some great-looking awesome business cards to advertise my design services, and at the time I was pleased with the originality of my own design. Fast-forward a few years, and now I’ve seen that many designers have created some cards that are truly amazing and original. Today, I’ve taken a look at many examples of some great business card designs and concepts and included 20+ of the best ones I could find. I particularly like the Holographic Business Card printed onto clear plastic. What’s your favourite?

Burn The Book – Letterpress Business Card Design

Burn The Book - letterpress business card Design

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Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

Image of a fantastic Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

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Lovely Little Pop-up Poem Book Calendar

Check out this lovely little poetry cut-out paper book by Hungarian graphic designer, Éva Somogyi

Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 1

Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 2

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Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 6

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Intricately Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection by MIKE

Colour sketch is on white paper with pens and ink

I just love to see other designers and illustrators sketches in their notebooks, don’t you? These excellently intricate and skilfully-illustrated logos and icons were created by a talented creative just named “MIKE” (apparently!).

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He’s a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience, who loves the Internet and sees its potential to drive his business and aspirations. See more of his creative work below…

Inspiration Pad. Think You’ve Seen a Notepad? Think Again!

Irregular notebook lines
These notebooks (called Inspiration pads) were created by Brussels based design & advertising studio, “TM”, spearheaded by designer Marc Thomasset. He turned the whole concept of a notebook upside-down, and created one that used zig-zags, curls, swirls and angular lines instead of straight ones. Great work — although I’m surprised no one thought of this before…
White pages with blue lines
Inspiration Pad 8


Sketchtastic Doodles by Kerby Rosanes

I love to see great doodles in notebooks. As a designer, this is something I have done myself over the years. This set of stunning sketches, however, were drawn by creative, Kerby Rosanes. I think the originality and amount of detail in these works are fantastic. Check out the selected images below, and see the “exploding helmet” illustration near the end—its fantastic!

Kerby Rosanes Doddles Gallery

Raven Doodle

Bird Doodle

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Salami Notes

I just came across these and thought they were pretty cool! I have a stack of various sticky notes of differing shapes and sizes next to my computer, so I know how useful they are. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll see how uniquely-useful these would be─and they’re totally different from your ‘standard’ post-it note! The Salami Notes (in stacks of 1000) can be purchased here.

Salami Notes