Gulf Oil Spill Facts [VIDEO]

Here’s a fantastic short video which cleverly shows us the Gulf Oil Spill Facts in a visually-entertaining way. I think the typography is excellent, and the illustration work and animation in ‘Oil’d’ is top-notch─created by Chris Harmon. Take a look at it after the screenshots…

gulf oil spill facts cover image

Humanity’s Effect On Earth [VIDEO]

This absolutely stunning video was made by Globaia, an organisation that aims to educate people about globalisation and the effect we have on our planet. The video starts by showing the UK (where I live), then moves onto the rest of the world. The video shows how networks and trade-routes are connected across the globe. Also, it shows the major ocean travel routes and an array of other connections.

USA trade map

As it progresses, the Earth becomes transparent so you can see the entire World at once, with all the connections in place. Finally, the short movie shows how the Icecaps melt and refreeze in their seasons. It’s well worth a watch, and I dare say it’s the most interesting I think you’ll see for a long time to come. Enjoy the video after the screenshots…

Unique Transparent Bubble Tents

Transparent Bubble Tent image

If I had a big enough garden, I’d love to have one of these transparent bubble tents right in the corner. Add a bit of decking, and you have a whole new “room” for your house─never mind a tent! By what I can tell, the transparent globe-like structures need a certain air pressure to keep them in shape. Take a look at the photo of the transparent bubble tent with the snow on top─it looks more like an igloo…

Eye Photography Art by Jorg Sundermann

Eye Photography of Emmanuel Stroobant

‘Eyes that tell Stories‘ is a wonderful set of eye photography created by talented German photographer, Jorg Sundermann. These images were commissioned by the Singapore Eye Research Institute. The photo above is the is of the iris of Emmanuel Stroobant, a Michelin Star chef. Check out some more examples below…

Crooked Forest

crooked forest

This crooked forest is located in western Poland. There is a small forest where about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend right at the base of the tree truck, and all bend towards the north for some reason.

The trees in the crooked forest were planted in 1930, and were ‘held down’ by farmers in the first 10 years of growth (for some unknown reason). I think they look weird, but great. I suppose they’d make fantastic benches…