Superb Map Art by Matthew Cusick

Blue Horse illustration

Illustrator Matthew Cusick uses inlaid maps, book pages, ink, book pages and acrylic paint to create stunning artwork. Here are 10 images of his creative works. My favourite is the “Blue Horse” illustration above, and the rest of his works are just as captivating:

Geotagged Tweets of New York City and Chicago

twitter map of New York City

These Twitter maps show 10,000 geotagged tweets and 30,000 point-to-point journeys in cities such as New York City (above) and Chicago. They were produced by Eric Fischer, who used online maps to draw out transit paths using Tweet data. Eric stated about the image above: “Broadway as the spine is not difficult to believe”. I can see why.

Twitter Maps of USA That Will Amaze You

Twitter Map of USA

These amazing Twitter Maps below show a few cities in the USA. They were produced by self-professed “Geek of maps”, Eric Fischer. The orange dots are locations of Flickr pictures that have been uploaded. The blue dots are the locations of tweets on Twitter. White dots show a combination of both. The most interesting image is the whole of the USA above, but some individual cities prove interesting, too…