London London Poster

London London Poster Image

Loving this London London Poster design. It’s always the simple designs that work the best. Via.

Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney

Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York and Sydney; these stunning birds-eye view photographs do these great cities justice (above shot is of Hong Kong). At night, the appearance of megacities really comes alive when lit-up by their fluorescent counterparts:

Metallic Ink in Water and Cotton Candy Punch: Design Inspiration #7

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Welcome to Design Soak’s Design Inspiration #7. In this new round of sheer inspiration, we have the infamous Chewy from StarWars, cotton candy party punch, an adorable miniature octopus, a London Underground Tube poster, Moleskine Sketches by Catie Cook and Metallic Ink in water by Albert SevesoIl! Enjoy…

design inspiration - Geo landscape

design inspiration - London Underground tube poster


City Posters Show Tall Buildings in London and New York

City posters header image

Dublin-based Studio Me&Him&You, founded by Peter Dillon and Ronan O’Gara, created these simple and minimalist set of city posters. Each design shows a major city, and displays the tallest buildings (which are also the most recognisable in each one).

See also: Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney.