How to get Yourself a Custom Lego Head!

Have you ever wondered how you would go about getting a likeness of your own head on a Lego or Megablocks figure? Actually, not me at least, until I saw these wonderful creations by British company Funky3Dfaces, who scan photos of your very own cranium and then use 3D printers to construct a custom Lego head!

Gallery // Custom Lego Heads

lego man sat on torntorn from star wars

Real Life LEGO Mini-Figures in Amusing Situations

These funky photographs of ‘real-life’ LEGO Minifigures were expertly captured by French photographer, Samsofy, who has created a variety of humourous situations and setups featuring our favourite little plastic marvels! Check out the image of the man fishing for sardines out of a tin…

Real-life lego minifigures showing C3-PO and R2D2

Real-life lego minifigures showing C3-PO and R2D2

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Famous Artwork-based LEGO man in Bowler Hat looking at Apple

LEGO man in Bowler Hat looking at Apple

Lego minifigure of Spiderman stood on a rope

Lego minifigure of Spiderman stood on a rope

★ See the rest of these images over on Design Soak.

Further Information // “Real Life LEGO Mini-Figures in Amusing Situations” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Samsofy.You can see more of their work over at the Samsofy website.

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Lego Televisions and Retro Creations by Chris McVeigh

lego console image

Designer Chris McVeigh creates stunning miniature LEGO collectables that resemble retro Lego Televisions, Telephones, Cameras and even old-style Mac Computers!

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He photographs these mini-marvels and sells them via his online store, and even though they’re quite expensive, you can’t say they’re no unique! Check out the rest of the images below:

Gallery // Lego Televisions and Retro Creations

lego console image

lego console image

lego console image


More Laugh-Out-Loud Glennz Tees Designs

If you haven’t seen any of Glennz Tees Designs before (previously), then prepare to be amazed and to laugh! Glenn Jones, the designer of these illustrations, has a very unique illustrative style that combines simplistic line-art, punchy-colour and pure imagination. If I were to summarise Glennz Tees in one work, it would be “quirky”…

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The gallery below shows only a selection of his recent work. I just love the Robo Pop and TV knife and fork illustrations. Which is your favourite?

Gallery // Glennz Tees Designs

glennz tees designs - dont slip on lego

Instagram birdhouse

cat week cartoon

t-rex with small arms

Robo pop Robocop

Wheres Waldo or Wally here in UK


Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a former graffiti artist from The Netherlands, who is the owner of Elroy Klee, a studio of twelve designers. They work together in the fields of illustration, set design and 3D work. Klee’s work is a mixture of “experimental transformer style”, urban street art and Dutch design. Here is a selection of some of his work from his Behance profile, along with 12 interview questions about his work and design style…

CD cover design in purple and blue

1‭. ‬Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself‭. ‬What motivates you‭?‬

Well‭, ‬I’m Elroy Klee‭. ‬43‭ ‬years in the making already‭. ‬So a kind of oldie‭. In the graphic game already some 16‭ ‬years‭, ‬but making name the last years in the international scene‭.‬ My motivation comes from within‭’. ‬Just making beautiful stuff‭.‬

Multiple 3-D objects in illustration

2‭. ‬When did you first start illustrating‭? ‬Where did it all begin‭?‬

It all began when I was around 16‭. ‬Starting in the streets with tagging and bombing my hometown with graffiti‭. ‬Just was addicted‭ ‬to it and loved designing letters‭.‬ After my study I began a studio with some companions‭. ‬We were doing a lot of corporate stuff‭, ‬identities and packagings‭. ‬A few years back my illustrations roots was calling for attention‭. ‬I left the studio and now a days I freelance as and art director/illustrator‭.‬

Great 3-D objects for clothing brand

5‭. ‬What is the biggest inspiration for fresh ideas‭?‬

Well‭, ‬inspiration comes from everything for me‭. ‬I can walk in a forest or supermarket‭. ‬It doesn’t matter‭.‬ I’ve noticed if I’m in the car on a highway I’m at my best creating a concept‭.‬ Sounds kinda weird‭, ‬but…
‭ ‬


The Real Life Lego Man

I’ve entitled this post “The Real Life Lego Man“, although I think that the photographs actually include the woman who created them, Jennifer Smile! As you will see from the set of images below, Gennifer has taken photographs of what it would be like to have a huge yellow Lego head stuck to her body! If you have been following Design Soak Magazine for any length of time, you’ll know that I love Lego, so this set of images was quite fun to see! See the rest…

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Lego Cupcakes and 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs: Design Inspiration #4

In this post filled with design inspiration, there’s a French braid, green-hue facade (oh yes), Lego cupcakes with green icing (yum) and also globe made out of Lego blocks, a table made up of hundreds of different coloured pencils, the best treehouse ever been made, bananas dipped in chocolate for children …and, finally, a revolutionary 3-D printed prosthetic leg. There’s some more stuff, too! Enjoy…

This is some stunning line art of a French braid

[Above via]

This is a really cool wall green hue facade

[Above via]

Authentic Artist Lego Art by Marco Sodano

lego mona lisa

This quirky set of poster designs were created by Italian art director, Marco Sodano. He states the concept behind these works is that “all the children are authentic artists with Lego”. See the other two images below…

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lego art painting


Star Wars LEGO Scenery, Snow and Storm Troopers!

Lego Darth in Snow

This stunning set of Star Wars LEGO Scenery are set up with LEGO Figures, Spacecraft and Wookies! They were created by Finnish-based illustrator and designer, Vesa Lehtimäki, who is known as “Avanaut”.

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Near the end of the gallery, check out the snow monster ans the Storm Trooper stooped over burning embers on a cold night in the snow! Excellent…

Gallery: Star Wars LEGO Scenery, Snow and Storm Troopers!

Star Wars LEGO Figures in Orange suits in snow

Lego botd and figures


Star Wars LEGO Scenery 5