Sculpture Art by Charlotte Hughes Martin

Sculpture Art Coke Glass image

Amazing Sculpture Art

These stunning pieces of Sculpture Art were created by Charlotte Hughes Martin. She explains her work:

I have always been drawn to making Art and in particular 3D work. I remember being dragged around the National Gallery in London every year as a child. I remember my feet aching, the hushed tones we would have to use and the huge numbers of bizarrely dressed tourists goggling at the canvases on the walls.

Playing Card Stacks

Skoll World Forum

These amazing playing card stacks were built by Bryan Berg, who was introduced to card-stacking by his grandfather when he was just 8 years old. The free-standing card structures are based upon a grid system.

Stunningly, the playing card stacks can support 660 lbs per square foot. Bryan uses no tape, no glue, no folding, no bending — and no tricks.

The Fractals of Strange Fruit, Flemish Lace, Red Ant

Fractal Labs Organism

Above: Fractal Labs Organism Fractal Image

The Fractals of Strange Fruit, Flemish Lace and Red Ant. These images are created with an application named Fractal Lab, a shader based real time 3D fractal generator (I’ve included more details on Fractal Lab at the end of this post). Below you’ll see some fantastic renderings of various source textures:

Top 10 Joysticks from Past and Present

keyboard joystick

Can you remember back-in-the-day when you used a Joystick with a games console? I know I can. They came in various shapes, sizes and colours and many different styles were weird, wacky and cool and trialled by manufacturers. Here are a few images of old and modern zany and unique joysticks for your viewing pleasure

Cycles and Seasons Calendar

Cycles and Seasons

These Cycles and Seasons Calendar page illustrations are pretty cool I reckon. There are from a series of artworks commissioned by Manpower for their annual calendar this year (2011). I’m only showing a selection here, but you can see the general colourful style applied. Great stuff

Spectacular Design Resources #1

Spectacular Design Resources is a new series showing design links and inspiration. Enjoy!

Don't Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me

Don’t Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me…

Supermarket Products by Color

red shopping products

Here are six supermarket carts arranged by Color food products. They were The pictures were taken in collaboration with Photographer Pedro Motta (more info at base of this post).

I see the supermarket space as a space of manipulation. The attempt, in this action, is to subvert this structure of power. The pictures have been taken in collaboration with Photographer Pedro Motta […]

Above image: Red products in shopping cart