10 Colorful Illustrations by Ric Stultz

working the angles

These amazing colorful illustrations are by artist Ric Stultz. They are painted with gouache, gesso & ink on paper. Ric has a great and distinctive painting style, which I think you’ll agree is totally unique. Although he’s produced and exhibited many more

Metallic Ink in Water and Cotton Candy Punch: Design Inspiration #7

Welcome to Design Soak’s Design Inspiration #7. In this new round of sheer inspiration, we have the infamous Chewy from StarWars, cotton candy party punch, an adorable miniature octopus, a London Underground Tube poster, Moleskine Sketches by Catie Cook and Metallic Ink in water by Albert SevesoIl! Enjoy…

design inspiration - Geo landscape

design inspiration - London Underground tube poster


Sketchtastic Doodles by Kerby Rosanes

I love to see great doodles in notebooks. As a designer, this is something I have done myself over the years. This set of stunning sketches, however, were drawn by creative, Kerby Rosanes. I think the originality and amount of detail in these works are fantastic. Check out the selected images below, and see the “exploding helmet” illustration near the end—its fantastic!

Kerby Rosanes Doddles Gallery

Raven Doodle

Bird Doodle

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Seismometers and Freaky Red Ink

Heart rate monitor korb image

I just discovered this video named I’ll be gone from KORB. It shows what appears to be a Seismometer (you know, a machine that measures earthquake activity) or even a heart rate monitor device. Anyway, what is really freaky about this video is what happens to the red ink that the Seismometer deposits on the graph paper.

Fluorescent Water by Mark Mawson

fluorescent water

This stunning collection of photos showing fluorescent water is from a project named “Aqueous Fluoreau Inspired by the vibrant colours that brighten up everyday life.” They are from London & Sydney based Mark Mawson, who spends his time between the two locations shooting for advertising agencies & magazines.