X-Ray Photography by David Maisel

X Ray Photography man

This X-Ray Photography was created by New Yorker, David Maisel. This set of work is entitled “History’s Shadow”, where Maisel re-photographs x-rays from museum archives that depict artifacts from antiquity. He then scans and digitally manipulates selected source material:

The Anatomy of a Candy Piñata

Pinata Anatomy image

Haha! Check out the ‘Anatomy of a Candy Piñata’ shown above. It appears to have little candy tabs for the brain (I think pop-corn would have worked well, too), chocolate hearts, sugar-snake intestines and a sugar-orange stomach. I reckon this photo and concept is really amazing─and I’m sure you love it too!

Credits: This image and design (©) was produced by Carmichaelcollective. Via Laughingsquid.