Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures by Rick Satava

green Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

This stunning glass sculptures were created by Californian sculptor, Rick Satava. If you would like to check out how he makes these, head over to his site where the process is shown. The Satavo studio makes around 300 of these glass pieces per month, and they come in an array of colors and types…

Gallery // Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

Orange Jellyfish Glass Sculptures

Surreal Jellyfish

Clear Jellyfish

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Further Information // “Beautiful Jellyfish Glass Sculptures by Satava” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Satava. You can see more of their work over at Satava Glass.

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Oceanic Sheets of Glass Art by Ben Young

blocks of glass

Check out these stunning examples of Glass Art by Ben Young, which combines glass and concrete to create amazing pieces of sculpture art…

artwork featuring glass

wavey glass

artistic glass

blocks of glass art

lighthouse in glass

waves of glass

layered glass

glass sculpture

Ben Young Layered Ocean Waves image

Further Information // “Oceanic Sheets of Glass Art by Ben Young” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Ben Young. Please visit their site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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Extraordinary Layered Glass Books and Rocks by Ramon Todo

glass rock globe

When I first saw these extraordinary layered glass books and rocks, I thought they were CGI computer manipulated images. How wrong I was. These photos actually show expertly-crafted pieces of sculpture art, conceptualised and made by Dusseldorf-based artist, Ramon Todo. As you’ll see in the gallery below, he has used different kinds of marble, volcanic rock and even old books to splice with highly-polished glass that effortlessly integrates with the surrounding object…

Gallery: Layered Glass Books and Rocks

Glass books

Volcanic rock and glass layer

Block of rock with layered glass

13 Unusual Pool Tables

unusual pool tables

Here are some very unusual pool tables for you to take a peek at. I bet you’ve played on one before, right? It may well have been a boring green-clothed and wooden construction with little appeal. In response to this, some clever designers have created everything from crystal-glass tops to Ford Mustang enclosures. I hope you enjoy the pics….

GlassBoy, a Clever Car Speed Reduction Ad

Glass boy

GlassBoy is a clever ad aimed at reducing car speed. It was created by Israel-based designer, Roni Kleiner, an experienced TV Commercial Director. He specialises in creating VFX and animation enriched commercials. This video is amazing, and is well worth a watch. It starts off by showing a boy who turns into glass, which acts as a metaphor for the fragile nature of children.

Glass Beach in California

Beach glass

Did you know there’s a glass beach in California? Many of the “pebbles” on the beach are actually eroded glass shards. Over the years, the sea has smoothed the glass shards into translucent pieces that glisten in the Sun. Decades ago, the residents of Fort Bragg in California threw their household rubbish over the cliffs. They discarded many old and unwanted items including glass. The glass beach eventually became known as “The Dumps.” Check out the Wikipedia article on this to learn more about the beach and it’s back story.