Eerie Photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna photography

This eerie photography selection is by English photographer, Michael Kenna, who currently resides in Washington, USA. I think his varied work is fantastic, and reminds me very much of the work ofJim Kazanjian. The gallery below shows a variety of his work, from images of Easter Island to statues in China. Enjoy…

Stunning Photography by Richard Mosse

Stunning Photography of 707 plane

This stunning photography was taken by talented photographer, Richard Mosse. He takes images from across the globe including the former Yugoslavia, Iran and Pakistan. I think these works speak for themselves. Please take a look at a selected gallery of his work below. Above: 707 Damascus, Jan 2008.

Weird Art Gallery by Peter Kogler

This weird art gallery is a selection of work by talented creative, Peter Kogler.

weird art walkway

Look at how varied and creative his sculpture work is, and the curious nature of his interactive displays. To see the rest of Peter’s work, please check out his site over at My favourite piece is the image shown above. It would be a very strange experience walking thought there!

Paper Art by Jen Stark

This stunning paper art by Jen Stark shows how colourful paper can be used to create pieces of sculpture.

Paper Art by Jen Stark

My favourite is the image above, but the rest are great too…