Get Your Own Back to the Future Marty Hat

If you’ve seen the Back to the Future movies, you’ll notice the classic “Marty Hat“. Yeah, it isn’t very cool to look at, but what make it unique is the 1980’s retro nature of the design—and that Marty McFly wore it (Michael J Fox)! See the image below…

Back to the Future Marty Hat Replica

Man wearing the Back to the Future Marty Hat

Weird Art Gallery by Peter Kogler

This weird art gallery is a selection of work by talented creative, Peter Kogler.

weird art walkway

Look at how varied and creative his sculpture work is, and the curious nature of his interactive displays. To see the rest of Peter’s work, please check out his site over at My favourite piece is the image shown above. It would be a very strange experience walking thought there!

Virtual Wall Traffic Light (Urban Design)

Virtual Wall Traffic Light

This Virtual Wall Traffic Light concept from Lee Han Young is a great idea. Sometimes, truck or other obstacles can block the view of a red light, so this futuristic-style concept will definitely get a drivers’ attention. I’m unsure to whether the technology is feasible right now, but these lights would be good to see on