Wheel of Nutrition Plates

Wheel of Nutrition 2

I love these Wheel of Nutrition Plates that I saw today. Apparently, they suppose to remind us all of the fundamental values of healthy eating. I’d say they do their job well. The plates are from Rui Pereira Product design (details at end of post). Enjoy the rest of these images which show how they can be used. The woman looks happy enough…

Decaying Food Art by Klaus Pichler

This unusual decaying food art was created by photographer, Klaus Pichler. Based in Vienna, Klaus has on been working on a set of images entitled ‘One Third‘, which is a collection of varied food (even the octopus below) shown in different stages of decay. I really like the octopus image, as the outside looks like some some of green plastic bag or something. My favourite, though, is the colourful ice cream photo near the end of the post…

Decaying Octopus image

Miniature Sculptures That Will Amaze You

miniature sculpture of pizza

These miniature sculptures were created by talented sculptor, Shay Aaron. Based in Tel Aviv, he creates food items at very small scale. As can be seen in the miniature sculpture of pizza above, the tiny works of art easily fit onto a finger tip. I think they’re just really funky little creations. One of my favourites is the pepperoni sandwich at the end of the post. What’s yours?

World’s Largest Gumball Machine

World's Largest Gumball Machine image

Image source/copyright here

Wow! This real Gumball Machine contains 20,000 Gumballs and costs $4000!

…Everyone dreams of owning something giant, but few dream of owning a gumball machine. And yet when you put both dreams together you’re left with one of the most ridiculously desirable items in the world.

Slow Cow: The Anti-Red Bull Drink?

Slow Cow Energy Drink Image

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Anti Energy Drink Image

Out to help those looking for a quick relaxation fix, a new drink from Canada offers ‘an acupuncture session’ in every can. An antidote to energy drinks like Red Bull, Slow Cow was developed to help people de-stress. [Read More]