Social Network Graphics

Social Network Graphics image

These Social Network Graphics were created for the New York Magazine by Studio8design, an independent graphic design studio “with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions.” It was set up by Matt Willey and Zoë Bather in 2005. This is what they wrote about this intriguing design:

Facebook Shower Curtain

Facebook Shower Curtain image

Check out this Facebook Shower Curtain. I’m sure they’ll be a hit initially, but I can’t see them being practical for most with all the ‘profile pic posing’ involved:

Love Facebook?

love facebook image

Love Facebook? I thought this “I Like You” was rather quaint—and I reckon it would make a good poster or greeting card, too!

Volkswagen Facebook Camper Van Campaign [VIDEO]

Volkswagen Nederland Fanwagen image

This Volkswagen Facebook VW Camper Van campaign is pretty cool: “Volkswagen the Netherlands invites its fans to vote for their all-time favourite model. As a reward, it rebuilds this model in a one of a kind edition: the Fanwagen. Whether they vote for the classic van the T1 or the Beetle, the winning car will be equipped with a myriad of features that avid Facebook users will instantly recognize, making it the most social car ever.” Read More on the Volkswagen Fanwagen Facebook Page.

Facebook Advertising History Infographic

Facebook Advertising History Infographic from Mashable.

facebook advertising infographic top image

This infographic takes you from the start of Facebook back in 2004. This is when Mark Zuckerburg and his co-founders lunched the site. The graphic then details various stages of ad deals right until May 2011. The last part of the graphic shows how many current active users are on Facebook via a great looking graph.

Google Plus Infographic (inc. Top 5 Users)

google plus top users image

This Google Plus infographic shown below has been created by It shows some basic facts about it’s users, like the person who has been added to the most circles is Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The top guys/girls maths doesn’t seem to add up (can you tell why?) but otherwise, it’s worth a look…