Coloured Fishing Nets Suspended in the Sky by Janet Echelman

These wonderfully-intricate coloured fishing nets are created and constructed by artist, Janet Echelman. Drawing inspiration on a trip to India as a Fulbright Scholar, she saw that some fishermen in the village of Mahabalipuram were using nets of high quality of strength. For some reason, she had a creative idea to somehow suspend nets like the ones she saw, in the air — in the sky!

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Since this trip to India earlier in her career, Echelman has travelled around the globe installing these net sculptures at varied locations. Take a look at the gallery below, I think you’ll be pleasantly amazed…

Gallery // Coloured Fishing Nets by Janet Echelman

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Giant Blow-Up Balloons in Architecture like Bubblegum?

These stunning installations were created by Barcelona-based Penique Productions. To create these amazing images, photographs were taken after giant blow-up balloons were expanded in the interiors of various structures and rooms. Using various and sophisticated lighting techniques, the rooms look totally different after this process was carried out in different locations.

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Curled Waves of Painted Flowers by Joris Kuipers

painted flowers exhibition

I don’t really know what these are ‘supposed to be’, however, they sort of look like painted flowers! Maybe they’re clouds of some form or abstract formations, which are drenched in vibrant acrylic paint colours. In any case, I think this installation is a pretty clever idea, with all the flower formations being suspended from the installation ceiling.

Tennis Ball Art by Ana Soler

This unique tennis ball art was produced by Spanish photographer, Ana Soler. These photos show tennis balls bouncing around stairways, walls and rooms, with different stages in motion represented by one ball. The balls are suspended from the ceiling with thin wire or string. Take a look at the gallery below…

Tennis Ball Art image

Half of a White Room Covered in Graffiti

graffiti room image

Internationally-recognised graffiti artist Tilt has created this interior for the French hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille. The hotel only has 5 rooms, but they are ‘decorated’ differently by other artists, too. This room (or ‘space’) is named the Panic Room, which is a stark, white space that is covered from top-to-toe in graffiti on one half. I’m not sure how anyone would be able to sleep in this room given all the colour around. Make sure it’s pitch black when the lights are off I suppose! Take a look at the rest of these intriguing images below…

Threaded Art by Gabriel Dawe

threaded art 1

These stunning threaded art installations were created by the talented Gabriel Dawe. He uses coloured threads to ‘build’ clever artistic sculptures that are inspiring quite unique. They remind me a little of the outdoor sculptures of Melbourne Federation Square. Using threads that span the entire rainbow spectrum, these pieces look different depending on how light shines on them and the angle they are viewed from. Simply amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree. Check out the rest of the set…

Soft Art Exhibition by Ernesto Neto

Soft Art Igloo image

This soft art that is part of a weirdly strange-looking exhibition was created by designer, Ernesto Neto. I especially like the goo-like pink giant cushion the people are laid on in the image below. Most art is viewed, but this exhibition is to be explored and discovered by whoever ventures inside. Brilliant…