Giant Blow-Up Balloons in Architecture like Bubblegum?

These stunning installations were created by Barcelona-based Penique Productions. To create these amazing images, photographs were taken after giant blow-up balloons were expanded in the interiors of various structures and rooms. Using various and sophisticated lighting techniques, the rooms look totally different after this process was carried out in different locations.

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Crochet Star Wars Figures and DIY Confetti Sticks: Design Inspiration #4

Here’s another roundup of fantastic design inspiration to give your eyes a real treat! There’s a great Psychology of Color Infographic, along with some quirky Crochet Star Wars figures and some funky DIY Confetti Sticks, too. Check them out…

Wildlife Photography with Illustration

Really clever concept you will are showing stags and colour formations in the antlers

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter

Chromatic Typewriter image

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter. This Typewriter was created by Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan. Using a modified standard typewriter from 1937, the letters were replaced by colour pads in order to produce pieces of a form of mechanical art. This typewriter was subsequently submitted to the 2012 West Prize competition with much acclaim. To read more on this, check out Tyree Callahan’s blog, Studio E.

Spectacular Design Resources #1

Spectacular Design Resources is a new series showing design links and inspiration. Enjoy!

Don't Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me

Don’t Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me…