For a Special Christmas Tea Party…

christmas tea party image

Try this for a special Christmas Tea Party – green tree-shaped tea-bag tags with matching box. The whole idea behind this conceptual design is to get two people sharing at Christmas. As can be seen, the tree is to be torn in half so the two tea bags can be used in separate cups. This concept was dreamed-up by a bunch of designers from Mint. Fantastic idea…

Stupidly-Expensive Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo

Black Carbon Fiber Sled

Well, I don’t get to take my kids out much in the snow here in rainy England too much. However, I’m sure I’d be using one of these should I have, ahem, nearly $4000 to spare. Or maybe not. If you would like one of this slippery devices, you can get one here.

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo:

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo in the snow

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo >> The Stealth-X is predominantly built of carbon fibre and comprises three main parts. The mono shell, the front ski and the front arm. MONO SHELL: The mono shell is made of carbon fibre. It is contour molded to comfortably fit your lower body and has a foam padded seat in the base with a flip up padded back rest. The laid back seating position allows both stability and comfort in steering and leaning. When not in use the back rest folds down, and shoulder straps which are attached to the rear of the sled move from their job as a lap belt to that of a backpack harness. To enhance your safety, a lanyard attaches from the sled to the rider whenever the sled is in use. READ MORE HERE.

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The Stunning Mercury Watch by Ziiiro

Wow! Check out these Mercury Watch Designs by Ziiiro. I’ve just informed my wife that I’d like one for Christmas, but I think my request fell on deaf ears! I just love the way that the edges of the two coloured ellipses denote the minute and hour. Yes, it would take a bit of getting used to, but the design is very innovative, don’t you think? See the other colours below, too. *This post contains affiliate links.

Purple Mercury Watch by Ziiiro

Ziiiro Mercury Watch on hand

Ziiiro Mercury Watch on its side

Ziiiro Mercury Watch in purple

★ Buy this Watch here

Ziiro utilizes new technology to produce watch designs that possess a reinvigorating minimalism, diverging from conventions.

Resting on a 24mm stainless steel mesh band, the ZIIIRO Mercury displays time in a simple and unique way. The tip of the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time.

Blue and Black Ziiiro Mercury Watch

side blue view of Ziiiro Mercury Watch

★ Buy this Watch here


Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick

These Christmas Ornaments, as Jasen Melnick describes them, are festive Christmas ornaments made from cut paper ‘and craftiness’! Check out the elegant paper creations below…

closeup of Christmas Ornament

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Fanned-out paper cuts

Christmas Ornaments pattern

Christmas ornaments that I made as presents for friends and family this season. I have a passion for patterns and these were a special treat to make, and very easy at that!

Further information: “Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick” – images copyright © Jasen Melnick. Please head over and see the rest of his work.


3 Tasty Christmas Treats

Ah! It’s that time of year again. Yes, Christmas is upon us once again. Here are 3 festive treats that will maybe get you in the mood for the festive season…

Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

Strawberry Christmas Trees

Cupcake Tree Kit

Cupcake Tree Kit

Deluxe Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Gift Set

Christmas Sweater Cookie Gift Set

Further Information. The images above were located via the following sources: top image / middle image / base image. All images are copyright their respective holders.

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14 Ridiculously-Ugly Christmas Sweaters! *Updated Post

Ugly Christmas Sweaters image

Ho Ho Ho. What Christmas would be complete without some family member sporting an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Check out this selection of crazy, garish garments below…

Red Rocket Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Image of Christmas Jumper

Is there a more striking and recognisable Christmas image than a certain reindeer and his large, throbbing, glowing, red-tipped sniffer? Absolutely not… read more.

Light Up Fireplace Christmas Jumper with Stockings

Red Christmas Jumper

Most of us aren’t characters out of a Dickens novel, we don’t all have a luxurious glowing fireplace to hang our stockings on and usher in the warm spirit of Christmas… read more.

80’s reindeer Christmas sweater 1980 holiday red black diamond

80s reindeer christmas sweater 1980 holiday red black diamond


Ultimate 80s Knit Christmas Sweater

Ultimate 80s Knit Christmas Sweater image


Vintage Ugly Sweater Black and White Hand knit Wonder

Vintage Ugly Sweater Black and White Hand knit Wonder