Eerie Photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna photography

This eerie photography selection is by English photographer, Michael Kenna, who currently resides in Washington, USA. I think his varied work is fantastic, and reminds me very much of the work ofJim Kazanjian. The gallery below shows a variety of his work, from images of Easter Island to statues in China. Enjoy…

Entropic Images by Jim Kazanjian

Black and White Photography

These “Entropic Images” are by digital artist and photographer, Jim Kazanjian. I love the way in which black and white photography is merged with other recognisable imagery, but with a surreal twist. Each image is unique, and each is named very similarly, such as “Untitled Sun” (above) and “Untitled Maze”:

Past War and Present Peace in Berlin, Moscow and Normandy

U-bahn station Frankfurter

Berlin, Moscow and Normandy / Past War and Present Peace. These montage photos incredibly show what was captured way back in the war — compared to near present day. The image above shows the fight at U-Bahn Station Frankfurter Allee, Berlin. It is a black and white photo portion from 1945; with the colour part from 2010. The images range from 1942 to 2011. Here are some more: