Red Riding Hood and the VW Camper Van [VIDEO]

Check out this very unusual animation by Swedish designer, Tomas Nilsson. It’s hard to explain the unique nature of this video (shown right after the screenshots). Basically, it’s a very analytical interpretation of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale. The story is expertly dissected into informational blocks, and it’s fascinating and entertaining to watch. I particularly found the scene of the fairy tale wolf being shot through the brain. Oh yes…

Little red ridning hood camper van

Gulf Oil Spill Facts [VIDEO]

Here’s a fantastic short video which cleverly shows us the Gulf Oil Spill Facts in a visually-entertaining way. I think the typography is excellent, and the illustration work and animation in ‘Oil’d’ is top-notch─created by Chris Harmon. Take a look at it after the screenshots…

gulf oil spill facts cover image

See The Housing Market Spiraling Out Of Control

Beeple (AKA Mike Winkelmann) asks you to “watch the American housing market spiral out of control” in his new video, Subprime. Mike is a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. In this short movie, see houses formed from humble beginnings only to be deconstructed and reassembled into grander abodes [video after the screenshots].

House floor

A Day in the life of New York City

A Day in the life of New York City

This stunning stop/start video is named “Sandpit”, and shows a day in the life of New York City. Having access to some of New York’s rooftops and balconies, videographer Sam O’Hare shot the movie with a camera on fully manual and the automatic vignette removal turned off. I think the movie is totally surreal. To check it out, watch the video near the end of this post.

Mind Blowing Video by BRDG

This mind blowing video was created by Tokyo-based group, BRDG. It shows faces that seem to appear and disappear in a chaos of static interference. The soundtrack starts off quite erratically, but seems to get better as this short video progresses. Great stuff! Enjoy…

Video Screen-shots (Video at end of Post)

Mind Blowing Video image