The Candy Room

Wow! Here’s a really clever interior design for The Candy Room. It was designed and created by Melbourne-based studio, Red Design Group. I love the way that the actual store looks like some kind of giant 3D drawing. If you take a look at the images below, you’ll see that everything has the same unique black & white ‘scribbled’ theme…

white sweetshop

Even the light shade is made from a black wire set upon a white background. Obviously, with all that white around, the colourful candy around (these are called ‘sweets’ here in the UK), they really stand out. I reckons both kids and adults love this store! Check out the gallery below…

The Candy Room Gallery

Sweets on shelf

Candy Store

Take home sweets image

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Childs picture on white wall

Candy store counter

Candy tubs in store

Credits: All the great images shown in this set are Copyright © Red Design Group. Please check out their website for more of their ongoing projects and other fantastic works. I discovered the link to this site via Fubiz.

The Candy Room swirls (sweets)

About Red Design Group: Red Design Group has assembled a collection of individual designers who excel in their fields. We work with businesses and organisations from public and private sectors, from boutique businesses to multinational enterprises, across all market segments including retail, hospitality and entertainment, culture, services and health [more].


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