Supermarket Products by Color

red shopping products

Here are six supermarket carts arranged by Color food products. They were The pictures were taken in collaboration with Photographer Pedro Motta (more info at base of this post).

I see the supermarket space as a space of manipulation. The attempt, in this action, is to subvert this structure of power. The pictures have been taken in collaboration with Photographer Pedro Motta […]

Above image: Red products in shopping cart

Black shopping products

Above image: Black products in shopping cart

Green shopping products

Above image: Green products in shopping cart

Blue shopping products

Above image: Blue products in shopping cart

white shopping products

Above image: White products in shopping cart

yellow shopping products

Above image: Yellow products in shopping cart

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Further Information

All images © copyright Pedro Motta from the article Per Color on Je Suis Mon Reve. For further projects and images please visit Je Suis Mon Reve.

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