Superb Map Art by Matthew Cusick

Blue Horse illustration

Illustrator Matthew Cusick uses inlaid maps, book pages, inks and acrylic paint to create stunning artwork. Matthew currently lives and works in Dallas, but has exhibited his work for many years in San Francisco and New York. Here are 10 images of his creative works. My favourite is the “Blue Horse” illustration above, and the rest of his works are just as captivating:

Colony illustration

Above: Colony illustration

Course of Empire Mixmaster 1

Above: Course of Empire Mixmaster 1

Karas Wave

Above: Karas Wave illustration

Course of Empire Mixmaster 2

Above: Course of Empire Mixmaster 2

Geronimo Inlaid maps on panel

Above: “Geronimo” Inlaid maps on panel

Patriarch illustration

Above: Patriarch illustration

Three Horses

Above: Three Horses

Transamerica illustration

Above: Transamerica illustration

Fiona's Wave artwork

Above: Fiona’s Wave

More Information

All images are © copyright Matthew Cusick. Please vist his site for more artistic illustrations.

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