Stunning Photography by Richard Mosse

Stunning Photography of 707 plane

This stunning photography was taken by talented photographer, Richard Mosse. He takes images from across the globe including the former Yugoslavia, Iran and Pakistan. I think these works speak for themselves. Please take a look at a selected gallery of his work below. Above: 707 Damascus, Jan 2008.

Stunning Photography Gallery Below

pink valley

Above: Taking Tiger Mountain, North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011.

From Richard’s site:

Over the course of the last seven years, Irish photographer Richard Mosse has photographed postwar ruins in the former Yugoslavia, cities devastated by earthquake in Iran, Pakistan, and Haiti, the occupied palaces of Saddam Hussein, airport emergency training simulators, the rusting wreckage of remote air disasters, nomadic rebels in the Congolese jungle, and more. Reading through his catalog of subject matter, one could easily assume that Mosse is an inveterate photojournalist in the most traditional sense, chasing hard facts in order to illustrate breaking news [read more].

Black water tank

Above: Stunning photograph from “Airside” Set.

Old plane in snow

Above: C-47 Alberta, June 2009.

Black and white plane

Above: Curtiss Commando Patagonia, Nov 2008.

pink fields

Above: Men Of Good Fortune, North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011.

bullet-ridden truck

Above: Stunning photograph from “Nomads” Set.

Iran earthquake

Above: Untitled (Iran), showing earthquake damage to ancient citadel of Bam, eastern Iran, March 2004.

Credits: Via Fubiz. All images shown here are copyright © Richard Mosse. Please head over to his site for more amazing photos.

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