Stunning Photography by Logan Hicks

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R33 Series Powerless

Logan Hicks is a photographer and artist based in New York. His stunning photography and designs also includes murals and artwork. The image above is one of my favourite pieces, as the HDR effect on the train has been produced with amazing effect.

Here are a selection of Logan’s Photos

Shown here are a set of photographic art, including images of tunnels, Soho and the Washington DC Metro Hall. Enjoy…

Washington DC Metro Hall

Above: Washington DC Metro Hall

Death is in the Air

Above: Photograph title: “Death is in the Air”

Shiny on the outside

Above: Photograph title: “Shiny on the outside”


Above: Soho Streets image

Chambers 1608

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Above: Photograph title: “Chambers 1608”

freedom tunnel 2

Above: Photograph title: “Freedom Tunnel 2”

Dark Tunnel

Above: Dark Tunnel image

Skyline Construction

Above: Skyline Construction image

Tone mapped image

Above: Tone mapped tunnel image

All images shown above are copyright © Logan Hicks. Please visit his site, Work Horse Visuals for more Stunning Photography and design work.

Like Photography?

If you enjoyed viewing these photos, then I suggest you take a look at Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney.

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