Starwars of the Victorian Era

jabba the hut

Starwars of the Victorian Era. Who doesn’t like Starwars? Well, to satisfy most of us, here are some amazing digital paintings of four infamous characters. They have been spruced up in Victorian attire by talented illustrator and animator, Greg Peltz (Illustration above: Victorian Starwars Jabba the Hut).

Above: Victorian Starwars C3P-O

Starwars Boba-Fett

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Above: Victorian Starwars Boba-Fett

Starwars Chewbacca

Above: Starwars Chewbacca

Further Details

For more information, as well as more of these Starwars illustrations, please head-over to the Greg Peltz blog. All images © copyright Greg Peltz / via antilogic.

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