Split Candy Bar Pictures by Scandybars

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candy bar pictures

These candy bar pictures were featured on Scandybars, a blog dedicated to showcasing chocolate split in half to reveal the insides. Yum. The ones I liked are the Cadbury Creme Egg and the Ferrero Rocher image. I don’t know whether these were scanned-in or photographed, the the end results are ‘sweet’. Sorry, couldn’t resist…

 Split Candy Bar Pictures

M&Ms Sweets

Above: Split M&Ms Sweets

Baby Ruth in half

Above: Baby Ruth

Cadbury Creme Egg

Above: Cadbury Creme Egg


Above: Crunchie Candy Bar Picture

Ferrero Rocher

Above: Ferrero Rocher

Joyva Joys

Above: Joyva Joys

Kit Kat - Hazelnut Cream

Above: Kit Kat – Hazelnut Cream

Mars Bar

Above: Mars Bar

Reese’s Big Cup cut in half

Above: Reese’s Big Cup

Rolo cut in half

Above: Single Rolo cut in half

Whoppers image

Above: Whoppers Candy

Zero Candy Bar

Above: Zero Bar

candy bars cut in half

Credits: Images copyright © their respective holders / All images shown here are from Scandybars. Please head over to their great Tumblr site to see all these sweet treats!

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