Spectacular Design Resources #1

Spectacular Design Resources is a new series showing design links and inspiration. Enjoy!

Don't Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me

↑ Don’t Just Assume. It makes an Ass out of You and Me…

25 Free WordPress Minimal Portfolio Themes

Exceptional 3D Abstract Inspiration

17 Best Stock Image Resources

Creative And Smart Ideas of Advertising For Inspirations

Be Inspired – Creative Web Interfaces #26

17 Design Conferences for 2011

Typography-Based Designs of Music Album Covers – Inspiring Examples

20+ Photoshop Custom Shapes

30 Mind Blowing Matte Paintings | CreativeFan

Clean and Minimal WordPress Themes

35 Attention Grasping Multicolor Logo Designs

Do You Know When To Communicate Verbally And When To Communicate Visually?

Beautifully Designed Christian Wallpapers

Paper Textures : 50+ Awesome Free Paper Textures Collection

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Red makes me angry

How to Make a Ravishing Heart in Adobe Illustrator

70 Great Wood Textures

Top 10 Handy Adobe Photoshop Cheat Sheets For Designers

How to Make a Seamless Ornamental Pattern in Photoshop

Create a Nice Search Form in Illustrator

The Art of the Facebook Page Design

15 Amazing Custom Envelopes You’ll Want In Your Mailbox!

Typography-Based Designs of Music Album Covers – Inspiring Examples

45+ Amazing and Creative Mac Wallpapers

Examining The Design Process: Clichés and Idea Generation

Unique Article for digital painting

35 Fresh Packaging Design Examples For Inspiration

How to Design Logos with Hidden Messages – Tips & Tricks

Beautiful Nature Pictures by Sebastian Kubatz

25 Inspiring HDR Photographs

Modern Ads Monday #8

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Eye Photography Art by Jorg Sundermann
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See These Secret and Intricate Fore-Edge Paintings
Stunning Electron Illustration: Creative Direction by Sig Vicious
Acrylic Cut Paper and Cookie Monster in Jar: Design Inspiration #3
Stunning Dog Trash Can Ad Campaign